Articles for the Month of August 2017

All Aussie Adventures Chapter 1: Humpalicious Camel Milk

Admiring the sunset from our humble abode

All Aussie Adventures Chapter 1 Humpalicious Camel Milk (Melbourne-NT Border)

Question: What’s the first sign you’re heading to the true Aussie Outback? Answer: A sign advertising camel milk that is not only in fact milk from a camel but is described as being humpalicious. Thus we had our first truly #straya moment for the trip.

Let me backtrack a little as to how we ended up 1,043 km from home laughing about camel milk. A few months ago my boyfriend brought a Hilux with all the bells and whistles partly because he’s a tradie and the Toyota Corolla wasn’t quite cutting it anymore and partly because it has been one of his dreams to do a 4wding trip through the outback of Australia. We hadn’t really planned another trip any time soon after spending the majority of 2016 backpacking but with me planning to return to study again next year and a quick google search of ‘best time of year to visit Darwin’ being right about now, with about 3 weeks notice we decided to jump in and do it. As usual not so much of a plan as to make it to ‘Darwin and surroundings’. The ‘great Aussie road trips’ lonely planet was purchased and by that point theres no turning back.

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