Articles for the Month of January 2017

Volunteering at Yana Cocha animal rescue, Ecuador


Volunteering at YanaCocha animal rescue center.

The whole duration of our trip we had wanted to volunteer when we got to Ecuador to help with the ramifications following the 2016 earthquake. As our trip was nearing an end and we knew Ecuador was going to be our last country apart from transiting back home we started to enquire in to places but most programs were either finishing up or didn’t sound like they were actually doing much benefit. Skeptical of not wanting to waste our time or possibly do more harm than good with dodgy volunteer programs we were a little disheartened and unsure how to spend our now large amount of free time in Ecuador. A must-do of our South America trip, visiting the Amazon was also still yet to be ticked off the list so we were unsure of which direction to take. As travelling’s perfect fate would have it we met a Belgian in northern Peru who had just finished a few weeks volunteering at Yana Cocha animal refuge, and the more I talked to him about it, I quickly started to realise we could kill two birds with one stone, but actually we would be killing no birds but in fact protecting them.

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