Articles for the Month of October 2016

Chilling in Chile


Chilling in Chile

Days Travelled: 226

Countries visited this trip: 11

After making our way across the stunning Andes mountains we arrived in the capital city they embrace, Santiago. We treated ourselves to an apartment to enjoy the city life and set off exploring. We did a four hour walking tour which wasn’t particularly interesting but we learnt the essentials: the best food and drink to try in Chile.

Don’t cry for me Argentina

Colored houses of Argentina

Don’t cry for me Argentina.

Argentina was a little bit of a surprise package for me. It wasn’t a country I knew much about and for a little while we were thinking about skipping it altogether once we realised it was the wrong time of year and we were far too underprepared to journey south to Patagonia. However, I’m very glad we didn’t. I found it to be a country of contrasts, rich culture and beautiful countryside. And although it wouldn’t be up there on my list of favorite countries I did not spend one day here where I wasn’t enjoying myself.

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You can depend on the kindness of strangers

Brendan and Andreas

You can always depend on the kindness of strangers.

Our 'Brasillian Family'

Our ‘Brasillian Family’

This post is less about our physical travel and more about all the feels. In the last few days, and in fact throughout our entire time in Latin America I have been continuously surprised by differences in culture that relate to every day kindnesses. Let me set the scene for what has got me thinking about all of this. In the past few weeks during my second time in Rio a few aspects of the trip I was really looking forward to haven’t worked out, and this combined with over 6 months on the road now, with our last trip being an exhausting 3 plane flights spanning 3 countries I didn’t realize how much I was craving some little touches from home. In Colombia we were 3 weeks without wifi and even without a bed so I was missing my friends and my soul was ready for some TLC. Something or someone in the universe was looking out for me because after leaving Rio we arrived in a place I couldn’t have manufactured more perfectly in my mind if I had tried myself.

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