Articles for the Month of August 2016

Time for the non-filtered bits


Time for the non-filtered bits.

I feel like I need a nap. A like, 3 day long nap. Let me please preface this by saying that I realise how incredibly fortunate I am to have this opportunity to travel to even sit here and write this thing. I receive that message loud and clear in a humbling daily reminder that many of the people in the countries I am visiting will never even leave their home town, let alone their country. I am also very aware that my home town of Melbourne is wickedly freezing atm and everyone’s toes are teeny tiny icycles. So this blog does not come from a place of ungratefulness, it doesn’t even come from a place of unhappiness. It just comes from a place of tiredness. But how could I be this tired? How could I have the feeling that I need a holiday from my holiday?! But what kind of travel blogger would I be if I only allowed you all to see this experience through an Instagram filter (I don’t even use Instagram filters but that’s not the point).

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