Articles for the Month of April 2016

The Mexico behind the beaches.

Palenque Mayan Ruins

Overland Distance Travelled: 1391 KM

Days travelled: 20

Countries visited: 1

After dipping our toes in to Mexican culture in the capital, we headed south on a bus to Oaxaca, the food capital of Mexico. We decided to head inland to some of Mexico’s colonial towns before heading to the stock-standard beachy destinations Mexico is renowned for. Overland travel within Mexico has been quite easy, albeit a little expensive. However, the service you are paying for is worth it. The buses are first class services, more comfortable seats than a plane and often with a movie or powerpoints etc. The buses are able to be booked online which makes planning ahead easy. Travelling overland is also a great way to see a country, as we wound in to Oaxaca we had the most incredible views of the canyons which I will talk about later. It is quite common for vendors to be selling items such as gum or souvenirs on the side of the road at major intersections. Much to my bemusement, on this leg of the journey, one cheeky vendor was holding up armfuls of bouncing puppies trying to catch a tourist’s eye. Lucky Brendan woke up at this point or I may have ended up with an unexpected travel companion.

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